1964 the history of KTM Bike Industries begins. Below you can find a few milestones from the last half century:
1964: Production of the first KTM bikes...and first tests
1971: Walter Obersberger - first Austrian national champion
1976: Obersberger's sixth national cyclo-cross champion title
1977: Walter Bronca wins the Tour of Austria
1978: Walter Obersberger: meanwhile more than 130 victories
1986: The first road racing bike "Formula"
1989: 1.000.000 bikes since 1964
1993: Ekkehard Dörschlag overall winner of the Austria Cup
1994: first bike with aluminium frame - Dörschlag Dolomiti Super Bike Winner
1995: Dörschlag again Austria Cup winner and Dolomites-Man
1996: It's Dörschlag again: Winner Austria Cup
1997: And again Dörschlag - plus national champion CC and Hillclimb
1998: Dörschlag is Trans Alp runner-up and winner in St. Wendel
1999: 2.000.000 bikes since '64 - Dörschlag winner Eurobike Extreme
2000: Dörschlag for the third: again winner Eurobike Extreme
2001: production of the first powder-coated frame- Dörschlag still great
2002: Dörschlag: Winner Carnico Mountain Trek and Arctic Team Challenge
2003: Foundation of RC Donau Fritzi Racing Team with more than 100 members
2004: 2,5 million bikes since 1964 - Introduction of the Clean Shape technique
2005: Introduction of the PD-System and of many carbon frames
2006: Introduction Downhill (Aphex) and Dirt (Soul)
2007: A new headquarter is built in Mattighofen
2008: 3 millionth bike, new test center and Öhler becomes Trial world champion
2009: Franz Höfer becomes national triathlon champion
2010: Foundation of KTM Bikes Asia
2011: KTM presents the first eDownhiller: eGnition
2012: 4 million bikes since 1964 - eShopper wins Eurobike Design Award
2013: Macina Eight winner of the Elektro Rad Megatest
2014: KTM Life Lontano P1.18 wins Eurobike Award