spacer testing the new Revelator Alto Master

Follow this link to the whole test:



MountainBiker Spain testing Ismael Venturas Myroon Prestige 12


KTM LYCAN 27 ELITE 12 Test in the world of mountainbike magazine


Maybe you want a little bit more? KTM Fatrat

Ellos las prefieren!


KTMs answer to the this years Fatbike trend: KTM Fatrat - 100% fun on each underground!



A bike with its own philosophie. The Fatrat stands for versatility and a high level of equipment. A very attractive high quality Fatbike with a very good value for money.


KTM Revelator Prime

Tested by the Procycling magazine.


Test review:

The bike is very light and scores with some details like internal cable routing, Carbon bar, cable-pull adjusters and a complete Dura-Ace group.  


Macina Sport 10 GPS+ Test assessment: Outstanding

Macina Sport 10 GPS+ wins the category Tour


Test score: "Outstanding" for the KTM Macina Sport 10 GPS+ form the editorial office of the German eBike magazine Elektrorad .






Macina Lycan GPS+ -> Elektrorad Megatest: Very good

The famous German Elektrorad magazine has tested our Macina Lycan GPS+. The bike gleams at the category Sport.


Test result: Very good


Revelator Sky - Design and technology up to date

The first time that our brand new roadbike Revelator Sky was tested by a roadbike magazine.


Test result: 8 form possible 10 points

Magazine: Rennrad


Scarp 29 Prestige - Aerodynamic marathon race bike

KTM is happy about the test score "Very good" for our Scarp 29 Prestige Di-2.

The BIKE magazine comes to the following test result:

Aerodynamic marathon race bike which impresses with its unusual design.


KTM Aera 29 Pro: Felicitous campanion for sport and tour

The KTM Aera 29 Pro was tested from the German MountainBIKE magazine and got the test note: Very good


Result: Full and safe at Downhill, slightly and fast at Uphill - the comfortable Aera is a completely campanion for sport and tour.


Velomotion has tested: KTM Lycan LT 273

The second generation of our Lycan LT (Longtravel) Fully´s become diligent tested. Here is the report.


Macina Lycan 27 Plus - Guaranteed driving pleasure

The Italian magazine MTB Magazine had great fun during the tests with our Macina Lycan 27 Plus.

Result: A great eFully! "Wheelies" are possible on any surface.


KTM Myroon 29 Prestige 1-F

KTM Myroon 29 Prestige achieves the best test score. Tested by the German MountainBIKE magazine.


Result: Very good


KTM Aera 27 Comp - Test score: Very good

The KTM Aera 27 Comp receives two frist class awards.

Test score: Very good with the positive addition price/performance ratio.


Magazine: aktivRadfahren


KTM Life Lontano P1.18 - Outstanding at "Megatest"

Test score: Outstanding for the KTM Life Lontano P1.18

Result: A very long lasting trekkingbike for toughest continuous use!


Magazine: aktivRadfahren


Revelator Elite Di2 - Enthusing the North of Germany

The Revelator Elite Di2 was tested in the area around Hamburg by the online magazine Velomotion.

Result: Those who are searching for something special, the Revelator Elite Di2 should be the right bike.

Read more here.


KTM Scarp 27 Elite - Uncompromising race bike

The online magazine Velomotion has tested our Scarp 27 Elite. Read more here.


The italian magazin INBICI has tested our Lycan LT (Longtravel) 271. The magazin is very pleased about the quality, race performance and design. 


Myroon 29 Prestige Down Under

"Australian Mountainbike Magazine" has tested the KTM Myroon Prestige 29 in the 'Outback' and loves especially the racy and aggressive geometry, the stiff Frame and the high-end finish with internal cabling.



Longterm-Test: Lycan 652

The Lycan 652 (Model 2013) was tested many thousand kilometres by German BIKE magazine. Result: 11 out of 12 possible points.


Revelator Prestige DI2 - Built to blast

Our high-end road-race weapon tested by British magazine Cycle Sport (July 2014 issue).


Aera Comp - Sacrée surprise

The KTM Aera Comp has written history with one of the best tests ever. The most professional French test-rider, Vincent Julliot, has rated the Aera with 19.2 of 20 possible points.Outstanding! 


Lycan Elite - a charismatic bike

British magazine "What Mountain Bike" did some trail-rides on our Lycan Elite for their June issue. Result: "Smooth, light and naturally lively..."


"Jugada maestra" - Myroon Master 29

Jugada maestra - a master toy. That's what Spanish "bike" magazine calls our Myroon Master 29. And hits the mark. Because every ride becomes masterful.


Lightning acceleration: Revelator Elite

One of the most famous road racing magazines, ProCycling, tested the Revelator Elite - Result: Lightning acceleration.


Ultra Race 29 Longterm-Test

British MBR magazine didn't want to test our Ultra Race 29 once but decided to do a longterm-test. The test-review from the June issue can be downloaded below.


Enduro Magazine: Lycan LT 271

Spanish Enduro Magazine has tested the KTM Lycan LT 271. Test review and impressive pictures are on their WEBSITE..


Macina Bold and you don't even have to raise a sweat

British magazine Cycling Active rated KTM's Macina Bold with 8 points (max. 10). And set a new bed to desk personal best. The test review can be downloaded:



Myroon Master: Master of the trails

Find a detailed test of our Myroon Master on Velomotion.


Like a yoga-master: Scarp 29 Master

If the worst rating is 4 out of 5, we are surely speaking about a first-class bike. In this case it's our Scarp 29 Master. Tester and Bikesport-editor Thomas Werz was simply fascinated: the bike is as relaxed as a yoga-master. The complete test review of the May/June edition is available in German.


Lycan 272 in BIKE magazine

German BIKE magazine tested several All-Mountain fullies. Among them was our Lycan 272. Comfortable, solid, functional and high-end look: means 111 points/very good.


Aera Pro 29: Polish test review

Polish edition of Bike magazine has tested our Aera Pro 29. The review is available for you in Polish.


Attractive carbon-frame: Basis of the Revelator 4000

Europe's number one road-racing magazine, Tour, did a 27 bikes comparison. The editors praised explicitly the attractive high-end carbon frame which is the basis of the Revelator 4000 and rated the bike 'good'.



Macina Action with optimal price-performance ratio

Optimal price-performance ratio - that's what the Italians from BiciTech think about our new Macina Action with Bosch Active Line driving system.


Revelator 4000: solid race-weapon

Marathon-bikes: fast and comfortable. German magazine RennRad has tested seven bikes that fit into that category. The tuning of KTM's Revelator 4000 was in the middle between racing and tour. The bike had a rating in the first third in every category. 


Amparo: Power and Suppleness

French magazine City Ride was astonished by the fantastic combination of power and suppleness in KTM's Amapro. "We had a lot of pleasure riding this bike!", was the editors' conclusion.


Life Style: made for epicures

German cycling magazine aktiv Radfahren has tested ten trekking-bikes in their 04/2014 issue. Among them was KTM's Life Style and was rated 'very good'. Editor Jens Kockerbeck: "On KTM's Life Style you can leave your stress behind".


e Race P takes victory in France

Famous French cycling magazine Velo Tout Terrain has done a 1-versus-1 duel between KTM's e Race P and French Definitive Activ. And they declared the e Race P winner in the Franco-Austrian competition. According to the testers the bike from Mattighofen the bike is extremely homogenous and consistent. And it perfectly fulfills the expectations for an e-mountainbike.


Lycan 272 in MountainBIKE Magazine (Ger)

German magazine MountainBIKE has tested our Lycan 272 and rated it "Good". Conclusion: Great allrounder with excellent rear damper and fork!


Test review: Lycan 27 Prime in Italian InBici magazine

The well know Italien InBici magazine tested our Lycan 27 Prime. You can download the test review in Italian.


Elektro Rad: eStyle P dominates the competitors

So sehen Sieger aus: Das KTM eStyle P überragt im ElektroRad Bergtest.

In the October 2013 issue Europe's leading e-bike magazine Elektro Rad  has testes the climbing abilities of pedelecs. One bike could cleary win that test and dominate the competitors: KTM's e Style P.
The allrounder with Panasonic rear hub engine was 30% (!) more efficient and had a 25% (!) higher reach than the runner-up. Results that speak for themselves. And also the bikes geometry impressed the tester:"This bike climbs even without engine fantastically!"

In order to celebrate this success KTM prepared a special print which can be downloaded here.