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"We are part of history, there is no way back". These were the words proclaimed by Lizzy Deignan after her sensational victory at Paris-Roubaix. Her victory at the first edition of the Women's Paris-Roubaix 2021 gives recognition to women's cycling and encouragement to more women road cyclists to continue.

Although women's cycling is experiencing professionalization at World Tour level, there are still significant differences to our male counterparts. There is a lack of sponsors, professionalized teams and time. There are very few women in cycling who can pursue cycling full-time without further support. Many female cyclists therefore have to take on a job as a supplementary income - this often leads to multiple burdens of job/education, family and the passion of cycling. This is why it is all the more important to have partners at your side who support women's cycling and make these multiple burdens a little easier - KTM is the partner Team La Musette needs.

This development in women's cycling also reflects the experience of a Team La Musette rider, Melanie Brunhofer:
When I went to the start line of an elite race for the first time 4 years ago, there were a maximum of 20-30 women at the start line and hardly any spectators on the roadside. Probably also due to the introduction of the women's national league and the public interest in some media (especially through the k19 TV live steam), this year there were often more than 50 women at the start. The races are also changing and getting tougher as the density of female riders increases and the level of performance rises. It's a great development we've seen here in the last few years - but the inequality in prize money is still very present.

It is therefore all the more important to have a team and sponsors at your side who promote and support women's cycling. Through my team "La Musette Radunion" I have found such a team and the joy of racing. Many thanks to our team management and especially to our sponsors who support us every year in achieving our sporting goals.

We have made a real stroke of luck with KTM as our bike sponsor. Every season we are equipped with the latest KTM Revelator Alto Master racing bikes. The KTM racing bike is the optimal high-performance companion for our competitions and training. It is strong, very easy to steer and you can rely 100% on the material. In addition, every year KTM manages to come up with a very appealing design that immediately stands out in the paddock.

In combination with Schwalbe tires, we move safely on the road. With the support of Schwalbe, we are equipped with "Pro One Tubeless Ready", giving us optimal grip even on wet roads. The tires are very durable, so that the riders of La Musette hardly suffer any defects - thanks to her Schwalbe tires, Melanie didn't have a single "flat" tire last year in around 12,000 km of annual performance.

Melanie from La Musette is convinced that women's cycling is on the right path towards further professionalization. With the right partners and the necessary support, we can achieve a lot in women's cycling.