Join the evolution

The racing DNA of the Scarp has always been a guarantee for highest quality and maximum performance. With great pride, we present the third evolution of our flagship in the cross- and downcountry sector. The EVO III frame is used across the entire range and marks the beginning of a new Scarp era. All models are the result of years of experience from KTM bicycle engineers, combined with feedback directly from the toughest race tracks in the world. The demands of the best racers, regarding geometry and handling, have thus been precisely transferred into production-bikes. For the final test, the Scarp Evo III frame had to prove itself at the Cape Epic in South Africa and at the Mountainbike World Cup in Brazil. The praises from the athletes confirmed the creation of a masterpiece. Particularly convincing are the many technical details reflecting perfection down to the last detail.

The new Scarp frame is available in both carbon and aluminum. The suspension travel varies from 100 to 140mm. From entry-level full-suspension bikes to high-end machines, there are no limits to your riding pleasure.

As a highlight, two special editions are waiting as frame sets. The "Scarp Proto25" frame shines in the same camouflage design that adorned the bikes of the professionals during the testing period.

The special edition "Scarp Paris" will be used by the KTM Olympians at the Olympic Games.


Scarp Exonic

Fork 110mm | Shock 110mm


Fork 100mm | Shock 100mm

Scarp MT

Fork 120mm | Shock 120mm

Scarp LT

Fork 140mm | Shock 140mm


submaraine main-pivot

Since the service life of the ball bearings is more influenced by penetrating dirt than by extreme loads while riding, the SUBMARINE MAIN-PIVOT is utilized. Inside, there are flange bearings filled with 20% more lubricant and equipped with heavy-contact-sealings. These flange bearings also significantly facilitate the bearing replacement. Externally, the bearing is additionally protected against environmental influences with a FKM-rubber cap. Towards the main frame, a radial shaft seal and a spacer with an integrated O-ring ensure the highest sealing values. The main bearing bolt has also been redesigned. It is made of high-alloy, stainless steel. It is tightened with a 10mm Allen key (40Nm). To accommodate this tightening torque with a low frame weight, a specially shaped aluminum insert is laminated. The thread inserts made of steel are screwed into the insert provide additional protection to the thread in the frame.

Helpful universal tool

The tool is always on the bike. Due to the fact that mounting a traditional saddlebag is not always possible with a dropper post and construction solutions with holes in the frame are a disadvantage for weight and stiffness, the EVO III features a clever proprietary development in collaboration with Daysafer. The tool holder is located, hidden above the damper on the frame. The tool offers 13 different functions. In addition to the most common Torx and Allen keys, the tool includes a chain breaker, a spoke wrench, a valve core remover, and a tire lever with a slot for a master link. And all this at a weight of 73.3g. Furthermore, a tool box and magnetic bar ends with tire plugs are available.

A piece of art


With a weight of only 49g, the fully CNC-machined rocker completes the masterpiece EVO III.


brake inside frame

MWYW Schock mount

In the top tube of the Evo III, there is a concealed cable routing for the shock remote. The special design ensures that any shock from different manufacturers can be mounted, regardless of various remote or rebound positioning.


More volume in the bottom bracket area, as well as an increase in the cross-section of the drive-side chainstay, ensures that every watt is converted into propulsion. In the chainstay, the side stiffness could even be increased by 48% compared to the previous frame.


To prevent the penetration of dirt into the frame as effectively as possible, the internal cable routing has been further developed. Special silicone tubes between the front and rear frame triangle provide optimal protection. The chainstay protector covers or wraps around the holes on the chainstay and seals them.


To ensure that the chain stays on the chainring even under the toughest loads and
impacts, the EVO III is equipped with a discreet yet highly effective chainguide.

advanced kinematic

Multiple times, the KTM World Cup athletes expressed the desire for more anti-squat. This prevents the undesired sinking into the suspension travel. Compared to the previous frame, this value has been increased by over 20%.

Geometry update

To cater to all use cases, the geometry has been further optimized. The head angle is 1° flatter, and the seat angle is designed 0.5° steeper.
The top tube lengths have grown by 10mm, resulting in a reach change from 458 to 474mm and a stack change from 605 to 603mm (frame size L/48/ 100mm travel).