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An insight into the current corona-situation of the bicycle industry and our quality before quantity policy for your satisfaction...

Dear KTM friends,

First of all, we would like to thank you all for your great interest in our products. Many of you not only ride our bikes but have also taken the KTM bike brand firmly into their hearts. Also, here in Mattighofen, every single employee is proud to be part of the KTM Bicycle family. It is precisely with this deep-rooted passion that we work every day to provide you with the proven KTM bicycle quality. The bike industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom and yet we are facing great challenges. Many of you are rightly upset about delivery delays. However, KTM Bicycle always puts quality before quantity. We are proud of the slogan "Made In Austria" and feel obliged to only deliver bikes that fit our quality standards one hundred percent. We can only master the current situation together. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, we want to inform you openly.

There are several reasons why there are delays in delivery. A bicycle consists of many single components and only when all the parts have arrived in Mattighofen, a bicycle is ready for production.

At the moment there are enormous problems in maintaining the supply chain. This results in considerable bottlenecks. Day by day, we are examining all possibilities to contain the backlogs as best as we can. There are currently no technical or price alternatives on the market for the delivery delays of important components.

The container situation remains tense. In addition to the shortage of containers, the delivery times of the containers are also repeatedly shifted backwards.

Furthermore, there are restrictions in connection with Corona, which have slowed down our production in recent months. Hygiene and safety concepts are reviewed week by week and further developed. This is the only way we can guarantee a running production.

With foresight, we have already invested in personnel, better production technologies, new buildings at the factory site and optimised processes. Our focus is and remains to guarantee the best possible KTM-quality for you and all our dealers.

Best regards on behalf of KTM Fahrrad GmbH,

Matthias Grick