Drive Units

for even more flow

KTM fits eBikes with drive units from Bosch, using Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Performance Line CX and Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition Drive Units. ePowered by Bosch means: greater ease and enjoyment of activity – active and relaxed at the same time.

Active line plus

The drive unit for explorers.

-> Optimal support for an excursion – including beyond city limits.
-> Unique riding experience: Experience gentle customised acceleration with a maximum torque of up to 50 Nm. 
-> Barely perceptible pedal resistance in off mode or at speeds above 25 km/h.

Performance Line

Sporty riding.

-> Plenty of power fΓΌr leisure trips, city cycling and mountain biking.
-> Torque of up to 65 Nm or 75 Nm (Performance Line Speed) for complete riding pleasure, even off-road.
-> Support up to 25 km/h or 45 km/h (Performance Line Speed).
-> Natural riding sensation with almost no pedal resistance.
-> Off to a good start – powerful support as soon as you step onto the pedals.

Performance Line CX

A new era for eMountain bikers.

-> Maximum momentum (85 Nm) for powerful acceleration.
-> Compact and lightweight a natural riding sensation.
-> With up to 340 % perfectly delivered support.
-> Extremely powerful acceleration with no delays.

Performance Line CX Race

Power, Performance, Pace.

-> Exclusive race mode: delivering up to 400% of your own pedal power
β†’ 85 Nm: explosive acceleration
-> 2,75 kg: The compact drive unit keeps your eBike lightweight.
-> The Performance Line CX Race Edition turns head with a bold look in graphite grey.

The impressive racing form of the Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition makes light work of the world's toughest eMTB races. The drive unit excels on the steepest, most technically demanding uphill and downhill trails, as well as long stretches at high altitude. The exclusive race mode delivers explosive acceleration, full throttle out of bends, and the fastest possible ride. The Performance Line CX Race Edition is the perfect choice for professional eMTB athletes and ambitios eBikers.

Performance Line SX

Sporty lightness.

-> Maximum power: up to 600 watts, in the most compact space.
-> Pedal fast, get powerful support up to 55 newton meters
-> Sprint mode: for sporty eGravel and eUrban riding.
-> 2 kg: the lightest Bosch Drive Unit

For sporty riding

Pedal faster, pick up speed even faster: The Performance Line SX works at least as hard as you do. When riding in a sporty style with a high cadence, it supports you disproportionately to your performance with peaks of up to 600 watts of motor power. With its sensitive and reactive response behavior, it is ideal for all those who ride in sporty style with electric support and are looking for a training effect.