made to last

New DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology: smooth and seamless performance that’s made to last.

Say hello to reduced drivetrain wear and tear. Thanks to SHIMANO DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology, you can enjoy high-mileage, low-maintenance cycling for years to come – without worrying about having to replace or repair components.

With the rapid growth of e-bikes and different riding styles, ‘drivetrain durability’ has become a hot topic. At SHIMANO, we’ve noticed that many cyclists tend to ride in the same gear for long periods of time. This has led to unusual wear and tear. Shifting – and riding – under torque has further reduced drivetrain performance.

To solve this issue, we’ve designed and engineered new LINKGLIDE technology that’s specifically aimed at reducing wear and tear on drivetrains. The result is a new era of durable, long-lasting drivetrains that deliver the seamless shifting that SHIMANO is renowned for. Simultaneously, we’ve improved the overall performance of each component and, in turn, pure pedalling enjoyment.

DEORE XT (1x11 speed) and DEORE (1x10 speed) with new LINKGLIDE technology are intended for use on a wide variety of bikes and different riding styles but especially suited to high-torque e-bikes.

Tried and trusted tech

LINKGLIDE technology builds upon HYPERGLIDE+ technology – favoured by sports riders and racers who appreciate quick shifts and having less grams on board. LINKGLIDE drivetrains have been specifically engineered to be more durable yet still deliver smooth and decisive shifting – along with a great pedalling experience.

Under the bonnet

DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology have been robustly engineered to significantly reduce daily wear and tear. An optimised teeth profile and shifting gate will keep your chain on the bike – and keep chain skips at bay – for longer. You’ll also benefit from smoother shifting, down and up, and reduced pedal shock – particularly suited to the brisk acceleration and deceleration of e-bikes. 

LINKGLIDE's re-designed cassette teeth have a substantially thicker base and a unique chamfer that drastically improves wear resistance in high torque applications. This increase in cassette durability prolongs smooth driving performance and lengthens the amount of time before chain skips caused by wear start to happen. 

Why upgrade?

DEORE XT and DEORE with LINKGLIDE technology are not compatible with other SHIMANO drivetrains. That’s why you’ll need to upgrade to the entire LINKGLIDE drivetrain: cassette, rear derailleur, shift lever and (optional) chain. However, not only will this ensure a seamless shifting and pedalling performance for years to come, but it will help retain your bike’s value and keep it looking new. Plus, it will require less maintenance.

What drivetrain tech are you?

Rider or racer?
An everyday rider who wants to enjoy comfortable journeys for years to come?
Choose LINKGLIDE. Sporty and competitive? Opt for HYPERGLIDE+.

Lightweight or long-lasting?
HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrains are specifically designed to be lightweight. After all, a few less grams can make all the difference. LINKGLIDE is a little heavier but more durable which allows you to get the most out of your bike*. Made to go the extra mile, it requires less maintenance and also retains more value over the years.

Quicker shifts or smoother shifts?
In a race, every second counts. HYPERGLIDE+ technology delivers when it comes to high-performance precision shifting in all riding conditions. If you’re not racing against the clock, however, but after an enjoyable ride, LINKGLIDE will provide a sublime shifting and pedalling experience – even when you hit the gas or change gears uphill. Newcomers to the world of e-bikes who are still learning about shifting techniques will also benefit from everything LINKGLIDE has to offer.