Fun on the move and a unique riding sensation - with the smart system, Bosch eBike Systems catapults eBikers into the digital future.

The smart system - fully networked and always up-to-date thanks to regular 'over the air' updates. The eBike Flow app, batteries, displays and drive units from Bosch eBike Systems offer every eBiker a personalised experience. Wheter on the way to work or on your favourite trail on the weekend: The technically and visually perfectly matched components raise the riding enjoyment to the next level in everyday life as well as in leisure time.


Performance Line CX

A true powerhouse that inspires!

-> maximum torque of 85 Nm
-> powerful acceleration at a low cadence
-> powerful support even with high cadeness

Powertube 750

For long and demanding rides!

-> maximum range
-> beautiful design
-> enormous milage, long service life, reliable handling - secured by the battery-management system to protect from overload

Led Remote

The fully networked control centre!

-> quick and easy capture of all important infos
-> optimally readable independent from light conditions
-> ergonomic handling
-> connects the eBiker with the Flow App

KIOX 300

A networked on-board computer for athletic eBikers!

-> compact size and simple handling
-> optimally readable display independent from light conditions

4A Charger

Quick power!

-> quick charge, easy to use and visually appealing
-> 6 hours to fully charge the battery, 2 hours for a 50% charge

ebike flow app

Connected, forward-thinking and smart!

-> connects the users with their own eBike
-> access to numerous functions and the favorite apps
-> enables updated 'over the air'
-> new, innovative features such as theft protection

The eBike Flow app opens up a connected eBike world with entirely new riding impulses - this is what 'Connected Biking' feels like. For an even more personalized cycling experience and plenty more riding fun, further features will also follow via the 'eBike Flow' app. With products such as theft protection, eBikers can also look forward to new, digital solutions to feel even more safe and secure both on and off the road.