Bicycle frames and the associated components are generally designed for different purposes and types of use. Each bicycle type is designed for a specific purpose. KTM manufactures bicycles and pedelecs for many use categories. More information about the use categories can be found in the chapter "Intended use".

The usage category and the maximum possible load of the E-Bike (maximum permissible total weight) are indicated on the type plate of the E-Bike, which is located in the bottom bracket area of the frame. The maximum permissible total weight of the respective e-bike model is the sum of EPAC weight + rider + luggage and must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

Unit of measurement of electric current.

Unit of measurement for electric charge which indicates the electric current that can be drawn from the battery over a period of an hour.

Torque is a physical unit of measurement, the force acting on a body circumferentially, multiplied by its distance from the axis of rotation, the lever arm of force; a case in point is the e-bike where the torque can accelerate the rotation of the wheel.

Electric unit of measurement for work; indicates the amount of energy that can be drawn from the battery over a period of an hour. Measuring the energy in watt hours instead of ampere hours is much more transparent because the energy is calculated by multiplying voltage and electric current and therefore this value makes it easier to deduce the operating range.

To achieve highest possible reliability, KTM uses exclusively genuine components from well-known manufacturers of drive units. Extensive test rides and laboratory tests as well as close cooperation with manufacturers of drive units ensure fault-free operation and maximum lifespan of all system components. The software programming, which is individually adjusted to the respective field of use, optimises the cycling experience, handling as well as the operating ranges (see OPERATING RANGE)

The Anti-Blocking System is a technical system that increases driving safety. When braking the bicycle, the ABS counteracts a possible locking of the front wheel by reducing the brake pressure. This prevents the rear wheel from overturning or taking off and also allows the bike to take bends despite the brake being applied. The ABS only works when the drive system is switched on.

An app or application is a computer or smartphone software that performs a specific function for a user.

The drive system is set via the operating computer and various operating states and tachometer parameters are also displayed. Depending on the version, there are different display options:

LCD/TFT Display: Certain operating states are displayed directly in numerical values or bars. For example, the remaining state of charge of the battery is indicated by a bar on the display. Other values, such as speed and level of support, are indicated on the display by a numerical value. Depending on the value, text notifications in colour and high-resolution graphics are also possible.

LED display: A certain operating status is indicated by several lights. For example, the remaining state of charge of the battery is indicated by five lights - five lights light up, if the battery is fully charged - two lights light up, if it is still 20 to 40 percent charged, etc.

In order to not only be safe during the day with the KTM E-Bike, KTM exclusively uses the latest LED lighting technology, which turns night into day with an illuminance of up to 150 lux. The lighting system on all E-Bike models is powered exclusively by the battery. The absence of a hub dynamo improves the overall efficiency of the e-bike.

All KTM Offroad E-Bikes are equipped with the so-called Light-Link. The light cables for the front and rear lights are already pre-installed - retrofitting of lighting equipment is therefore easy. The lighting equipment used must be approved by KTM.

In contrast to conventional DC motors, the brushless DC motor has no connection between the rotor and the stator via the so-called contact brushes which are prone to wear. Thus the brushless DC motor is maintenance-free. The rotor consists of permanent magnets, the stator consists of several magnetic coils. 

In contrast to conventional pedelecs, even regardless of pedalling, with e-bikes the speed can be controlled by Imeans of a twist grip throttle on the handlebar. Although the term “pedelec” is not commonly used, by definition all e-bike models in this catalogue are actually pedelecs.

KTM’s years of experience in the development of e-bikes have contributed to a maximum reliability of the various KTM e-bike models. All components used by KTM are designed to satisfy the highest quality requirements and are continually optimised. Using cutting-edge test technology, KTM maintains its high standards and not only complies with the requirements of the relevant standards and guidelines but surpasses them

All KTM Road E-Bike models are equipped with our proven KTM Luggage Carrier System, which allows quick, easy and tool-free mounting of compatible RackTime "Snap-It" accessories. Various matching bags and basket systems are available as original KTM accessories from your KTM dealer.

Attention: All KTM models manufactured exclusively for the ZEG use carriers based on the "Carry More" system. The systems "Snap-It" and "Carry More" are not compatible with each other.

Regular cycling substantially enhances your physical well-being. Why not treat yourself to a well thought-out and state-of-the-ar t KTM e-bike and enjoy getting around in the city as well as in the country in a health-conscious manner. KTM wishes you a lot of fun riding your e-bike.

Please note that KTM Kids E-Bikes are subject to certain safety restrictions:

The support speed is limited to 20km/h.

The pushing aid is deactivated.

When switching on, the E-Bike is first in Off mode.

The maximum permissible total load (driver + luggage) is 50 kg.

Special instructions for KTM Kids E-Bikes:

Kids E-Bikes are suitable for people over the age of 8 after a comprehensive introduction.

Kids E-Bikes are only suitable for use on paved cycle paths and roads and not for use on sidewalks.

When using Kids E-Bikes, care must be taken to ensure that children wear a tested bicycle helmet and suitable solid shoes.

An e-bike is slightly more expensive than a conventional bicycle. However, don’t let the cost factor put you off buying an e-bike. If you make a fair comparison between e-bikes with petrol-fuelled mopeds or cars, maintenance and running costs are convincing reasons to consider buying an e-bike.

To meet the increased demands - higher total weight and higher speed - KTM relies on smooth-running hubs, reliable and stable rims and reinforced spokes. The power is thus optimally transferred from the drive to the road.

Many of our KTM offroad models are equipped with the so-called LFC = Light/Fender/Carrier (light/fender/carrier) set or can be retrofitted with it. If retrofitted, only components tested and approved by KTM may be used. The usage category changes to 2 or E2. More information about the use categories can be found in the chapter "Intended use".

The maximum power is the output specified by the manufacturer which the motor can generate for a shor t period of time, for instance in order to accelerate the bike.

The continuous rated power is the average output specified by the manufacturer at which the motor can be continuously run (for pedelecs 250 watts).

Pedelec is a generic term for an electric bicycle powered in a hybrid way by an electric motor and by muscle power. Pedelec stands for PEDal ELEctric Cycle. The electric motor greatly assists the pedalling force. Without pedalsling (without crank movement) the motor delivers no power. However, by definition all models which are defined as e-bikes in this catalogue are actually pedelecs. European definition of the pedelec: bicycles with pedal assistance which are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor having a continuous rated power of 0.25 kW (250 watts) of which the output is progressively reduced with increasing vehicle speed and finally cut off when the bicycle reaches a speed of 25 km/h or sooner, if the cyclist stops pedalling. Speeds over 25 km/h can only be reached by muscle force. As pedelecs are classed as bicycles the following instructions should be followed: Cycle paths:

cycle paths can be used without exception

Driving licence: no licence necessary.

Helmet: basically helmets are not mandatory. However, KTM recommends wearing a suitable and tested helmet.

Insurance: with pedelecs it is not necessary to take out liability insuranceIn order to maintain its high standard, KTM surpasses the requirements of the following standards and guidelines:

Standard EN 15194, bicycles – electrically power assisted cycles – EPAC – bicycles

Machinery directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006

Directive 2014/30/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to the electromagnetic compatibility

Compared to riding a conventional bicycle, there are substantially higher forces acting on the bicycle frame. For this reason the KTM e-bike frames were specially designed to fulfil these increased requirements. Adapted wall thicknesses and special interfaces at the KTM e-bike frame ensure a high level of stability and safe storage of all e-bike components. Fur thermore, running the cables internally protects them against damage while ensuring a tidy appearance.

Software is a generic term for executable programs and their associated data. With its help, a software-controlled device is able to perform tasks. There is also a lot of software know-how in the electronic drive components to drive the pedelec comfortably, efficiently and safely as requested.

Since software for electronic drive components is often very complex, it continues to evolve over a long period of time. Often findings from the daily application lead to software changes or software updates. These can be done by your KTM dealer.

Tuning means increasing the power or speed limitation of the pedal support of the respective drive system by means of parameter changes or so-called retrofittable tuning kits. Due to the strict legal regulations, changes of this kind are neither permitted nor recommended. The existing legal regulations exist to avoid dangerous situations. Changes of this type also considerably increase wear on the drive system and components.

E-bikes are not only popular with environment-conscious trendsetters. Statistically, 60 per cent of car rides are shor ter than 7.5 km. With the e-bike such shor t distances can be covered consuming considerably less energy compared to a petrol-fuelled moped or car. Apar t from reduced emissions and noise, traffic jams and parking worries are a thing of the past.

In general, the high-quality drive systems and components used are designed to be watertight. This is particularly true for use under normal driving conditions, including heavy rain. However, do not use a steam jet or high-pressure cleaner to clean your KTM E-Bike. Due to the high pressure, water could penetrate through seals and damage the drive system and components.