Modular drives for hybrid eBikes

KTM equips the E-Road model Macina Mezzo with the Fazua evation propulsion system, the lightest and most compact electric propulsion system in it's class.

A natural driving feeling is the hallmark of the drive, which typically performs in uphill passages, in headwinds, at start-up and at speeds below 25 km/h.


The highliy efficient brushless motor, developed especially for the small installation space, is located in the modular removable motor unit next to the modularly removable 252 Wh battery. The nominal continuous power is 250W.

The Drivepack can be easily and quickly removed with a handle from the down tube. The slim diameter of the Drivepack enables frame designs that can hardly be distinguished from unmotorized bikes at first sight.

Optionally, Fazua offers a cover that can be used to convert the E-Road Bike into a non-motorized roadrace bike within seconds. By replacing the engine unit and battery with the panel, the bike is 2.9 kg lighter.

Bottom Bracket

The remote fX is fully integrated into the top of the frame and literally merges with the bike. The cockpit of the Macina Mezzo is thus cleaned up - the superflous cables to the remote are a thing of the past.

Via the sensitive touch surface, the support levels can be switched intutively - the driver's request ends up in the drive system at lightning speed. Battery level and system health information can be read from the five LEDs locate on the side.

An intelligent light sensor also ensures that the brightness of the LEDs is adapted to the external circumstances.


The battery is deliberately kept compact with 252 Wh in order not to unnecessarily expand the installation space. A battery weight of 1,4 kg is therefore possible.